• Breast Biospy
  • Breast Cancer

We take pride in being on the cutting edge of the latest breast surgery developments to offer you world class surgical care. As more research is gathered on the oncological safety of less invasive procedures, newer surgical approaches are evolving allowing patients more contemporary options in breast surgery. In addition, we are placing more emphasis on targeted therapy and surgery as an integrated portion of patient care. Many patients are now diagnosed with image-guided biopsy instead of surgical excision, allowing for better surgical planning. With increased use of screening mammography, patients are being diagnosed at earlier stages, allowing a wider range of choices for our patients surgical and nonsurgical options.

Communication with Referring Physicians

It is the philosophy of The Surgical Group of Naples that patients must continue their care under the supervision of the primary care and/or referring physicians. As your general surgeon, we are in frequent communication with other physicians involved in your overall care plan. This begins with the initial patient consultation and continues as requested throughout the course of treatment. If your condition suggests a need for nutritional or psychological counseling, the referring physician is consulted prior to the referral. At the completion of surgery, we forward all care summary reports to your referring physicians as requested. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor patient response to surgery and to make sure that no further intervention is needed.